This page contains all System Documentation and Patch Upgrade Installation Programs
All the installation programs are password protected. Users can obtain the passwords by contacting us.

System Documentation...

System Manual pdf

Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Harbor’s HL7 Interface Engine (pdf).


CURRENT RELEASE IS VERSION 6.2 (February 19, 2017)

Version 6.2 replaces version 6.1

If you have not already upgraded to version 6.1, please upgrade to version 6.1 prior to installing this upgrade.   Links to the upgrade installation programs are listed below.)

The Download Link is located here...

Version 6.2 Upgrade Installation Program, 2/19/17 Release (password protected)

INSTALLATION PROGRAMS FOR PRIOR RELEASES (all are password protected)...

Version 6.1 Upgrade Installation Program 3/23/15

Version 6.0 Upgrade Installation Program 12/1/14

Version 5.8d Upgrade Installation Program 11/15/13

Version 5.8c Upgrade Installation Program 7/24/13

Version 5.8b Upgrade Installation Program (3/18/13).

Version 5.8a Upgrade Installation Program (August, 2012, includes the 5.8 release).

Version 5.7b (1/23/12) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.7 (8/4/11) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.6 (6/2711) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.5 (4/29/2011) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.4 (12/23/2010) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.3 (6/9/2010) Upgrade

DMS Version 5.2a (10/15/2009) Upgrade

Contact us if you Require an Earlier Version Upgrade.