New reports are continually being added to the System at the request of our Sites. Our goal is to make your job easier. If the System does not have a report you need, just contact us. A New Report Locator has been added to the System for you to quickly find and navigate through the 300+ Reports the System can generate.

Available Reports Listed by Functionality...

Patient Care Reports...
Face Sheet with Mgmt Issues 
Face Sheet with Visit Info
Assessment Form  
Visit Progress Notes  
Follow Up Tickler Report 
Scheduled Activity Listing 
Assessment Chronological Listing
Activity Schedule Listing  
ER Hospitalization Activity Listing
Activity Summary   
Activity Detail
Lab Activity Detail (for all Lab Values)    
Alphabetical Listing  
Filtered Patient Listings
Patient “Referred By Source” Listing
Primary Patient Contact

Patient Education Reports...
Education Record Assessment 
Required Class Attendance Status 
Class Education Record  
Attendance Listing  
Education Analysis  
Test Questions   
Knowledge Test Summary 
Quality of Life Survey   
Curriculum Listing
Patients Completed Program Listing
Required Class Attendence
Missing Required Classes

Analysis Reports...
Filtered Patient Analysis
Demographics Analysis  
Initial Lab Value Analysis 
HBA1c Analysis Reports
Management Issues
Favorite Ways to Learn
Cultural Influences
Religious Influences
Patient Logs
Narrative Notes   
SOAP Notes   
Telephone Intervention Log 
Patient Letters   
Physician Letters  
Mailing Labels   
Mail Merge

Meal Planning...
Meal Plan Chart   
Diet Plan Worksheet  
Diet History
Factors Affecting Nutrition 
Nutritional Factor Patient Listing 
Dietitian Visit Listing

Detail Podiatry Report  
Self Foot Exam Outcomes

Status of Patient Goals  
Patient Goals Analysis  
Management Issues  
Complication History   
Complication Summary   
Patient Goal Outcomes
Filtered Complication Listing

Patient Listings...
Insurance Listing (with totals)  
Pharmacy Listing 
Medication Listing 
Meter Type Listing 
Selected Medication Listing 
Selected Physician Listing
Case Manager Patient List 
Number in Household with Diabetes 
Onset of Diabetes
Insulin Pump Types
Abdominal Girth History
Baseline Acuity
Hyperglycemic Episodes
Hypoglycemic Episodes

(Reports can be filtered for ANY AGE or AGE GROUP).
Patient Height Growth Percentile History
Patient Weight Growth Percentile History
TSH Outcomes
Staff/Room Daily Schedules
“Week-at-a-Glance” Schedule

Screening Reports/HEDIS Indicator Listings...
Childhood Immunizations
Adolescent Immunizations
Breast Cancer Screen
Cervical Cancer Screen
Chlamydia Screen
Prenatal Care in First Trimester
Check Ups after Delivery
Advising Smokers to Quit
Menopause Management
High Blood Pressure
Beta Blocker Treatment after MI
Cholesterol Management
Asthma Medication Use
Comprehensive Diabetes Care
Mental Illness Hospitalization Follow Up
Antidepressant Medication Management
Flu Shots
Yearly HbA1c Screen
Dilated Eye Exam Screen
Annual Foot Exam Screen
General Health Rating
Barriers to Learning
Time since Last Visit (for 17 data elements)

Outcomes Reports...
Blood Glucose
Estimate Blood Glucose (eAG)
Liver Function (AST and ALT)
Glomerular Filteration Rate
Body Weights
Abdominal Girth
Glucose Logs
Growth Chart Percentiles (Height and Weight)
Hospitalizations/Length of Stay
ER Visits
Goal Attainment
Behavioral Goals
Missed Days from School/Work
Regularity of Self Foot Exams
General Health Rating
Initial Readiness to Learn Ratings
Readiness to Learn Outcomes
Seen by Physician
Diabetes Hospitalizations
Length of Hospitalizations
Number of Nurse Visits
Following Diet Plan
Exercise Levels
Acuity Level Outcomes

Call Listings...
Eye Problem Call List  
Foot Problem Call List  
Hypertension Call List  
BMI Problem List  
Dilated Eye Exam Status
Last Foot Exam Status

Referral Reports...
Physician Patient Listing  
Patient Referral Analysis 
County Referral Analysis 
Patient Log   
Referrals Out to Specialists Listing  
Doctor Referral Report  
Patient Referral Log  

Blank Forms...
Patient Demographic Form 
Patient Assessment Form 

Staff Profile   
Instructor Education Summary  
Continuing Education Record 
Continuing Education Summary  

Recognition Reports...
Recognition (8th Edition) Application Worksheet
Supporting Documents (for Audit and Backup)...
- Patient Detail Audit
- Missing Patient Detail Audit
- Age Breakdown Detail
- Diagnosis Breakdown Detail
- Race Breakdown Detail
- DMSE Intervention Detail
- Special Need Breakdown Detail
- Pre and Post Knowledge Test Results
Online ASR Worksheet.
ASR Supporting Document/Patient List.
NCQA Physician Diabetes Recogntion Program.

Gestational Reports...
Gestational Patient Summary
Gestational GTT Summary
Gestational Listing By Expected Delivery Date